Friday, 2 December 2011

The Gathering Storm

This is the blog for my latest project, a 1750pt Adeptus Iratus Army for Warhammer 40k. I want to create a force to represent the "Angry Marines"; an army of cartoonishly over powered Space Marines. 

Having read the Chaos Daemon Codex, I have settled upon the following for my Army List:

For HQs I want Sgt Indignatus and Cpl Commotus; counting as Bloodthirsters with Death Strike, Unholy Might and Blessing of the Blood God.

For Heavy Support I want Brother Ultorius, Brother Furibundus and Brother Venator; counting as Daemon Princes with Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark of Khorne, Death Strike and Blessing of the Blood God.   

For Troops I plan to create 35 bases of human rabble; counting as Nurglings. These are the desperate human civilians and militia whose psychic cry has summoned the Adeptus Iratus from the Warp. The Rabble can the be divided into between 4 and 6 units.

Death Strike (Adeptus Iratus Bolt Pistols) is working out quite expensive; costing 100pts across the entire force. If it proves ineffective, I might drop it for another 7 bases of Nurglings/Rabble.

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