Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Angry is as Angry does!

Due to my graphics card breaking down I had a couple of free days over the weekend with only some house work to do. As a result, I was able to crack on with the Adeptus Iratus themselves.

First off, I needed a size comparison between a Daemon Prince and an Assault Marine; so a bit of blue tacking later...

As you can see the Assault Marine is a lot small than the Daemon Prince, but, with the addition of some exhaust plumes from their Jump Packs, I hope to be able to give the Angry Marines the appropriate sort of silhouette for the table top.

Having mounted them on to old bicycle spokes, I then covered the spokes using my favourite modelling material, 10 Second No More Nails.

First of all, I applied a bit to each exhaust vent to glue the figures to the wire supports.

Next I added blobs of 10 Second No More Nails along the wire and then merged it together.

Once I had done both exhaust trails, I bulked them up with a second layer that I used to add some extra animation to the flow of hot gases by sculpting them.

Finally, I used some Woodland Scenics Medium Green Bushes chunky flock to build some blast clouds where the exhaust trails hit punch off from the base.

So the Angry Marines are pretty much finished now. All I've got to do is come up with some method of painting them to suit my tastes. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ready to roll

I gave the irate rabble a spray with an old can of Testor Dullcoat I've had lying around for a year or so. The result is pretty peachy I think. I've got quite a good return on a fairly basic paint job.

 The last picture is taken under a UV light to make the drummer's day-glow optics shine.

I may give the Rabble a bit of base flocking action to finally finish them off.

Next thing though, is to get to work on the Angry Marines.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mired in grime

I've given the Rabble a wash with my home made "dip" - this is a 750ml Can of Wickes Dark Oak Woodstain mixed with some Daler-Rowney Flow Enhancer. It is water soluable and runs in to the cracks.

I'll leave them to dry for another day or so and then hit them up with some matt varnish to kill the shine.

I was a good half way through painting the "dip" on before I realized that I could thin it with water to make it run better over detailed areas like face.

I think it has been quite successful as an experiment so far; though I got to see how it reacts with the varnish - I've some some Testor Dull Coat and some GW Purity Seal, plus some of GW's paint on matt varnish. 

Fingers crossed...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Live and in full colour

I've given the Rabble a very quick and rough paint job. I couldn't face trying to fully paint 70 figures just to have them act as cannon fodder.

I've applied my normal approach to painting them; trying to give the impression of a competent paint job and painting them to be viewed on the table top.

They got an all over spray of desert yellow then a second spray of red or green to complete the under painting. I then quickly went over them picking out faces, weapons and other details.

The next stage will be to give them a heavy wash and hope that the brown liquid works its magic and makes my painting look five times better.

I'll try to get them finished off as soon as possible so I can move on to phase two; the Angry Marines themselves.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Forlorn Hope

Here are 35 bases of assorted human militia and zombies to represent the desperate defenders and the vengeful dead possessed by the unquenchable wrath of the Adeptus Iratus. It is their psychic cry of fear, desperation and loyalty that summon the Adeptus Iratus from their eternal battle in the Warp.

The figures are a mash up of bits from the Cadian Shocktroops, Vampire Kingdom's Zombie Regiment, Empire Great Swords, Space Marine Scouts, Empire Archers, Empire State Troops, Catachan Jungle Fighters, Empire Flagellants and Space Wolves' Pack. 

The bases are from Heresy Miniatures with clipped up chunks of City of Death Walkways and my usual mix of grit and sand applied over a textured layer of 10 Second No More Nails.

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Gathering Storm

This is the blog for my latest project, a 1750pt Adeptus Iratus Army for Warhammer 40k. I want to create a force to represent the "Angry Marines"; an army of cartoonishly over powered Space Marines. 

Having read the Chaos Daemon Codex, I have settled upon the following for my Army List:

For HQs I want Sgt Indignatus and Cpl Commotus; counting as Bloodthirsters with Death Strike, Unholy Might and Blessing of the Blood God.

For Heavy Support I want Brother Ultorius, Brother Furibundus and Brother Venator; counting as Daemon Princes with Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide, Unholy Might, Mark of Khorne, Death Strike and Blessing of the Blood God.   

For Troops I plan to create 35 bases of human rabble; counting as Nurglings. These are the desperate human civilians and militia whose psychic cry has summoned the Adeptus Iratus from the Warp. The Rabble can the be divided into between 4 and 6 units.

Death Strike (Adeptus Iratus Bolt Pistols) is working out quite expensive; costing 100pts across the entire force. If it proves ineffective, I might drop it for another 7 bases of Nurglings/Rabble.

When the cities are on fire with the burning flesh of men, just remember that death is not the end

When a Space Marine dies in battle, his unquenchable rage may live on in the Warp; locked in immortal combat with Daemons.

The despair, anger and loyalty of an Imperial City under attack from mankind’s foes can act as a psychic beacon, summoning these vengeful shades back into the material world. 

When they arrive, their incandescent anger infuses the forlorn defenders, rallying them to unleash unbending fury upon the invading foe.

Released and incarnate, the Adeptus Iratus spearhead a nigh unstoppable rampage of death and destruction.