Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Angry is as Angry does!

Due to my graphics card breaking down I had a couple of free days over the weekend with only some house work to do. As a result, I was able to crack on with the Adeptus Iratus themselves.

First off, I needed a size comparison between a Daemon Prince and an Assault Marine; so a bit of blue tacking later...

As you can see the Assault Marine is a lot small than the Daemon Prince, but, with the addition of some exhaust plumes from their Jump Packs, I hope to be able to give the Angry Marines the appropriate sort of silhouette for the table top.

Having mounted them on to old bicycle spokes, I then covered the spokes using my favourite modelling material, 10 Second No More Nails.

First of all, I applied a bit to each exhaust vent to glue the figures to the wire supports.

Next I added blobs of 10 Second No More Nails along the wire and then merged it together.

Once I had done both exhaust trails, I bulked them up with a second layer that I used to add some extra animation to the flow of hot gases by sculpting them.

Finally, I used some Woodland Scenics Medium Green Bushes chunky flock to build some blast clouds where the exhaust trails hit punch off from the base.

So the Angry Marines are pretty much finished now. All I've got to do is come up with some method of painting them to suit my tastes. 

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  1. Really dynamic looking models, cant wait to see these guys in action.