Sunday, 1 January 2012

Live and in full colour

I've given the Rabble a very quick and rough paint job. I couldn't face trying to fully paint 70 figures just to have them act as cannon fodder.

I've applied my normal approach to painting them; trying to give the impression of a competent paint job and painting them to be viewed on the table top.

They got an all over spray of desert yellow then a second spray of red or green to complete the under painting. I then quickly went over them picking out faces, weapons and other details.

The next stage will be to give them a heavy wash and hope that the brown liquid works its magic and makes my painting look five times better.

I'll try to get them finished off as soon as possible so I can move on to phase two; the Angry Marines themselves.


  1. Maybe run a wet/drybush extreme highlight over some parts before washing? Its a quick way to break up the large areas and pick out detail.

    Although i find the wash will do alot of that for you already some of these guys are looking a bit monochrome, an extreme highlight will increase the gradient of color to shade through if that makes sence :P

    Looking forward to seeing some angry marines, i have some Daemon prince parts that may be useful to you.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll the straight wash a go on a few figures and see how it looks. I'd rather avoid having to lavish anymore painterly love on the Rabble, but I'll bear you point in mind.

    The Angry Marines will be pretty much straight forward Assault Marines but with jet exhausts to give them the required height and mounted on 60mm bases.

    They will have a funky weapons load out - twin thunder hammers, Ork Warboss Power Klaw, that kind of thing.