Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mired in grime

I've given the Rabble a wash with my home made "dip" - this is a 750ml Can of Wickes Dark Oak Woodstain mixed with some Daler-Rowney Flow Enhancer. It is water soluable and runs in to the cracks.

I'll leave them to dry for another day or so and then hit them up with some matt varnish to kill the shine.

I was a good half way through painting the "dip" on before I realized that I could thin it with water to make it run better over detailed areas like face.

I think it has been quite successful as an experiment so far; though I got to see how it reacts with the varnish - I've some some Testor Dull Coat and some GW Purity Seal, plus some of GW's paint on matt varnish. 

Fingers crossed...

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